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Getting an Accurate View: Aerial Real Estate Images

By October 11, 2017July 7th, 2022Real Estate Solutions

When you’re set to present a deal to a lender or are just gathering info to better complete your due diligence, having access to a wide array of information to help validate property information just makes sense. This includes being able to look at the subject property from all angles, including up above.

With aerial real estate photography, you are not limited by what’s already accessible online or even by the images your appraiser will take. Often those bird’s-eye view images can help you better determine exactly what a property looks like on all sides – even the top. A reliable provider of automated valuation models should include aerial images of a property to give you the most accurate picture. This is in addition to the typical info, such as the address and legal description of the property, a list of all individuals registered on title, value ranges in the particular neighbourhood, and an updated sales history.

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With aerial real estate photography, you can dive deeper and get more details on any property without ever having to leave the office. It pays to know as much about the property as possible.

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