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Is Industrial Real Estate the Future?

By August 24, 2020May 13th, 2022Real Estate Solutions

Is industrial real estate the future for investors following the COVID-19 pandemic?

Recently, with COVID-19 ongoing, many retailers and manufacturers have been embracing more e-commerce — and so have more Canadian shoppers.

Retail Insider reported that some retailers, such as online furniture retailer Wayfair, increased profits during COVID-19 as more customers turned to online shopping.

Even post-pandemic, many Canadians intend to continue shopping online. According to CTV News, an April 15 survey commissioned by Dalhousie’s Agri-Food Analytics Lab found that 22% of Canadians intend to buy food online post-COVID-19. A year ago, CTV News reported, barely 4% of Canadians were even considering buying food online.

However, as e-commerce escalates, that could mean a shift towards industrial real estate.

A CBRE Research study found that in the U.S., for each incremental $1 billion growth in e-commerce sales, an additional 1.25 million sq. ft. of distribution space was needed to support this growth.

If e-commerce grows in Canada, it will need the space to do so.

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