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Leadership Connect – Andy Mackie, Director of Government & Utilities

By September 23, 2021May 13th, 2022Leadership Connect

Andy MackieGovernment & utilities sectors play an important role in Canada, supporting the projects that provide Canadians with vital resources like proper land infrastructure, utilities and more.

As a result, government & utilities sectors require technology solutions to organize their land registry and land-related data, allowing them to valuate assets, assess risks, and identify accessibility to assets for data analysis.

At Teranet, we are technology leaders in the Canadian government & utilities space. We have a strong leadership team dedicated to providing our customers with innovative solutions that evolve to fit the needs of the current market.

In this edition of the Teranet Leadership Connect series, we speak with Andy Mackie, Director of Government & Utilities at Teranet, about the transformation of Teranet’s GeoSpatial Solutions over the years.

A seasoned industry veteran, Andy joined Teranet 25 years ago and has been its Director of Government & Utilities since 2018. During his tenure, Andy has been involved throughout the product development process, from the identification of new business opportunities to execution and customer support.

As the Director of Government & Utilities, Andy emphasizes Teranet’s ongoing commitment to “growing the Government & Utilities segment and creating new enterprise value for our customers.”

Andy continues, “One of the most significant innovations is the modernization of the Teranet Xchange (TX) platform. The new TX platform will be the foundation for the delivery of all our products and services, as well as the new Geospatial Ecosystem.”

With the modernized TX platform, Teranet aims to provide customers with the ability to fully integrate Teranet’s land-related content into their business environment and workflows in real-time.

Over the next several years, Andy says, “our vision is to build out our Geospatial Ecosystem to allow us to bring more value to our customers by adding new geospatial content and managed services to our platform.” It will ultimately enhance the capabilities delivered by Teranet and our partners.

Discussing key changes to government & utilities technology in recent years, Andy mentions that collaboration with customers has been essential in the ongoing improvement of products and services.

Technology advancements have also significantly helped Teranet evolve its services. For example, Andy says the improvements to GIS technologies have allowed Teranet to provide “real-time, on-demand updates to every customer with no effort.”

In addition, the Teranet Imagery Partnership Program (TIPP), in partnership with leading organizations like Nearmap, Tulloch Engineering, First Base Solutions and Airborne Imaging, and more, provides customers with large volumes of high-quality land-related imagery and imagery-based solutions.

Looking to the future, Andy indicates that they will “continue building out the roadmap of the Geospatial Ecosystem and add more partner content as part of the TIPP program.”

Andy also recognizes that the “modernized TX platform is the foundation for new functionalities like on-demand web services, transactional services, and eCommerce enablement.” As a result, real-time collaboration and data sharing between Teranet and our partners and customers will be included as part of our platform.

Here’s a sneak peek of what our customers can expect soon:

  • Geospatial Hub; for access to a growing library of land and related data in one place;
  • Web-based mapping and visualization services for enterprise and mobile apps;
  • And solutions for planning, land developers, engineering firms, etc.

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