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Teranet Stories: A Day in the Life of Tetyana Walker

By April 27, 2021May 19th, 2022Life at Teranet

In today’s ‘a Day in the Life of’ edition, we sat down with Tetyana Walker, Tax Official/Document Examiner at Teranet ManitobaThe Employee Spotlight Series highlights our employees and offers a view into our company culture and our extraordinary people who work here. At Teranet, we are proud to shine a light on employees who embody our values and our recently launched Employee Value Proposition, Connect. Grow. Thrive Together.

In today’s ‘a Day in the Life of’ edition, we sat down with Tetyana Walker, Tax Official/Document Examiner at Teranet Manitoba.

Q. What excites you the most about your position?

A. I have been a Tax Official/Document Examiner here at Teranet for 6 years and I love it! What excites me the most about my position is working with different people as well as having the opportunity to challenge myself to do better every day. I learn something new almost all the time and this keeps me on my toes which I love.

Q. How does a typical work day look like for you?

A. A typical workday for me is fast-paced and focused. Between doing my work and helping clients via email or phone, the day goes by pretty fast.  It’s rewarding seeing the change you make every day.

Q. Why did you choose Teranet, and what motivates you to stay?

A. I chose Teranet because of its modern approach to business. I stay with Teranet because they are supportive, encouraging and motivating. Teranet has allowed me to grow substantially over the last 8 years I’ve been with them. I feel like I grew up in the arms of Teranet and I feel very lucky to be able to have this opportunity to grow.

Q. What do you enjoy the most about working at Teranet?

A. What I enjoy the most about working at Teranet is being able to work with my friends I have made here over my time, always having someone to lean on for support and encouragement is wonderful.

Q. What’s one word that you feel is most representative of Teranet’s culture?

A. The one word I feel is most representative of Teranet would be the word “safe”. I feel very safe here. Being a mom of 3 kids it’s very important to be able to provide for my family and here at Teranet I feel safe, I know I can grow here and provide for my family.

Q. What advice would you give to someone considering a career similar to yours?

A. Work hard, stay focused and go for it.

Q. When you’re not working, where will we find you?

A. When I’m not working you can find me getting up to some sort of adventure with my 3 kids, husband and dog. During the summer months, we live at the lake, our happy place.

Q. Who is the one person (living or dead) you would love to have dinner with?

A. My baba (grandma) who passed away when I was 8. I would love for her to see me “all grown up”.

Q. What does “Connect. Grow. Thrive Together” Mean to You?

A. For me, this means being open and welcoming to find a way to connect with people within Teranet, where we can help each other succeed and grow so we can all thrive together as a team.

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