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Architecting Innovative Registers of the Future: A systemic view of the operation of a register

By October 12, 2023Registry Solutions

In the ever-changing landscape of register operations, the choice between adopting an established Registry Aware platform or embarking on a custom build has become a defining decision for operators.

In this latest paper from Foster Moore and Teranet, we emphasize the necessity of having a clear Target Operating Model (TOM) and architectural guiding principles in place to ensure the future sustainability and effectiveness of register systems.

The authors explore the emerging trends in the registry domain, including cloud-based platforms, identity validation systems, AI and ML integration, blockchain capabilities, and register consolidation. These trends underscore the imperative for registers to adapt to modern technologies and regulatory changes, leading to improved data integrity, security, interoperability, and operational efficiency.

Our primary goal in crafting this paper is to provide a vital technical resource for registrars, IT professionals, and cross-organizational stakeholders involved in register development and operations. We stress the significance of architectural principles, the adoption of best practices and emerging technologies, and the need for collaborative efforts to create unified and effective ecosystems.

Registers that embrace these principles and trends will be better equipped to navigate the challenges of the digital age, ultimately delivering more efficient and user-centric services to their stakeholders.


John Murray
VP European Operations, Foster Moore
Bill Clarke
VP Business Development and Partnerships, Teranet
Joel Foster
Chief Innovation Officer, Foster Moore