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HoodQ + GeoWarehouse Report Integration

By April 6, 2020June 1st, 2022Real Estate Solutions

Access Curated Address and Neighbourhood Reports Instantly 

Canadian real estate professionals know that people don’t just buy a home — they also buy a neighbourhood, a community, a lifestyle. 

While property details, such as the size of the property, condition, number of bedrooms, and more are important, so is the area around the home. The nearby schools. The local transit stops. The closest areas to run errands. The safety of the community. 

Many real estate professionals know these neighbourhood details like the back of their hand — but it can be challenging to present them to a prospective homebuyer, especially if you are strapped for time or entering a new farm area that you aren’t as familiar with. 

In partnership with HoodQ, the GeoWarehouse Store offers the HoodQ Real Estate Reports, which present curated address and neighbourhood data. 

HoodQ is a data and digital solutions company that enables Canadian real estate professionals to greatly enhance their homebuyers’ experiences by instantly offering customized, hyper-local, address-specific reports for more than 10 million addresses across Canada — and over 4 million in Ontario alone. 

These reports include: 

  • Address Reports: web-based reports designed to give homebuyers an attractive and easy-to-digest topline view of a particular address, including designated public catchment schools.  
  • Detailed Reports: deep dive into the details of a particular address, including nearby schools, parks & rec, transit, safety, and convenience. This 8-to-10-page report gives all these details with a full-coloured map.  
  • School Reports: highlight designated public catchment schools, Catholic catchment schools, private schools, and special/alternative schools in one report.  

These reports all help enhance the client experience while saving you time gathering and presenting information. It’s a seamless, low-cost way to provide clients with the information they need in a concise, easy-to-read layout. 

All the data in HoodQ’s databases are geospatially coded so that the information provided in the reports relates to an exact address. This means real estate sales professionals can give homebuyers more relevant information than general neighbourhood information. This level of specificity gives homebuyers insights into what streets and addresses within a particular neighbourhood are best suited to their needs. 

GeoWarehouse subscribers can access HoodQ reports today. Learn more or how to become a subscriber on the GeoWarehouse blog. Read it here. 

Have questions about GeoWarehouse or the HoodQ report integration? Call 1-866-237-5937 or visit