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Leadership Connect – Cybersecurity with Brenda McCulloch, CISO

By July 15, 2021June 8th, 2022Leadership Connect

Brenda, CISO at Teranet

Any enthusiast in cybersecurity would agree that the technology space is evolving at a quick pace.

Companies globally need passionate and dedicated leaders that guide them in the right direction for innovation, customer satisfaction, and employee safety.

As leaders and innovators in the technology space, Teranet is proud to have a leadership team that understands current technological challenges and anticipates future opportunities.

This Teranet Leadership Connect edition will highlight Brenda McCulloch, chief information security officer (CISO) at Teranet and her interview on corporate cybersecurity in the article “Cybersecurity and Zero Trust Solutions in an Agile World.”

Brenda is an alumnus of the University of Toronto with an impressive security background. With over 20 years of experience as a security professional, Brenda has helped transform Teranet’s security programs, expand capabilities and modernize solutions to establish Teranet as a forward-thinker and innovator in the technology space.

Having experienced both internal and external-facing roles, Brenda has consulting experience as well as experience building an in-house security practice from scratch.

Speaking to Brenda about the cybersecurity challenges that many companies faced and continue to face over the past year, she says that cyberattacks have gotten more sophisticated and advanced.

Discussing the challenges of innovating and growing in the technology industry, Brenda indicated that “we have to continuously invest in our security and that our practice can’t stagnate.”

It is always challenging to stay on top of cyber threats and mitigate the risks of security attacks.

Teranet recognizes that it is important to continuously invest additional resources into supporting the cybersecurity of the company and its operations.

The shift to cloud-based systems and augmented security resources, especially in the work-from-home environment, has made it even more difficult for companies to remain secure while staying agile.

Teranet ensures they are enhancing cybersecurity by collaborating within the organization, establishing thoughtful partnerships and improving cybersecurity programs.

Teranet recognizes that cybersecurity extends to their clients’ risk tolerance and how they provide services in the current technology space.

Their partnership with Richter has proven instrumental in helping Teranet establish competitiveness and robust growth for cybersecurity.

Brenda says that not only has Richter “…helped us based on what our client’s risk trauma level was,” but the “risk assessment and maturity assessment [they provided] has given us a view that we can execute on.”

Teranet aims to move towards a zero-trust model in terms of cybersecurity and security architecture. This multi-layer solution mitigates risks and damages from major breaches and fortifies Teranet’s overall cyber strategy.

Teranet has also adopted cybersecurity solutions such as a security practice program and team to ensure that everyone in the organization is aligned with respect to the importance of cybersecurity.

“If companies have low investment but high-risk weakness items, that’s something they should definitely address.” Brenda says, speaking about the need for a responsive team that can expertly identify and execute important security initiatives.

Moving forward, Brenda recognizes that cybersecurity is more challenging as companies navigate a hybrid working model. However, she also says that Teranet is ready with a scalable approach to embrace change and operate with excellence wherever its teams operate.

Click here to read the full article on Brenda’s interview.

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