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Teranet Stories: A Day in the Life of Megan Urbach

By April 20, 2021May 19th, 2022Life at Teranet

A day in the Life: Megan UrbachAt Teranet, we thrive because of our extraordinary people, their powerful ideas, and unwavering dedication to our business and our clients. Each employee brings a unique set of life experiences that contributes to the culture here at Teranet.

In today’s ‘a Day in the Life of’ edition, we sat down with Megan Urbach, one of our Senior Business Analysts.

Q.What excites you the most about your position?

A. As a Senior Business Analyst who has worked for Foster Moore/Teranet for the past 5 years, I am excited to be at the forefront of change in government services all over the world. From large economies where our registers make ease of business an everyday event to smaller nations where our registers open their economies to greater growth, opportunities, and prosperity as a result of ease of access. I feel privileged to help make a difference.

Q.How does a typical workday look like for you?

A. I work across many projects of varying maturity. As a Senior BA, I am tasked with guiding the development and QA teams. I also get to work with some great clients who challenge and inspire me to do be better every day.

Q. Why did you choose Teranet, and what motivates you to stay?

A. I did not “choose” to work for Teranet as such. Our organization was acquired. It is however a choice to stay. Each and every day I get to work with a great team who I genuinely enjoy working with. I am challenged in ways that make me think outside of the box. I really enjoy that as it pushes me to learn more and be creative in ways that I may not otherwise have the opportunity to be.

Q. What do you enjoy the most about working at Teranet?

A. As cliché as it may sound, what I enjoy most about working for Teranet is the people. I have worked in this role in many countries, both public and private sectors so I could easily move on should I choose to do so. What motivates me to stay in a role is enjoying who I work with. A sense of “team”. We are all in this together. The culture that is fostered within Teranet promotes this. Although with COVID, so many of us have worked remotely now for a year the sense of camaraderie & support has made what could have been a far more challenging circumstance really great.

Q. What’s the one word that you feel is most representative of Teranet’s culture?

A. Integrity.

Q. What advice would you give to someone considering a career as a Business Analyst?

A. Know that it is the kind of career where you never stop learning. You will need to be prepared to push yourself, challenge yourself and others so find an organization that supports you to be your best.

Q. When you’re not working, where will we find you?

A. At the moment, renovating our house or hiking. Very soon we will be sailing a lot on our boat (as soon as the lake it’s on melts).

Q. Who is the one person (living or dead) you would love to have dinner with?

A. My Daughter as she inspires me every day.

Q. What does Connect. Grow. Thrive Together Mean to You?

A. For me, it means being able to work in an organization that is collaborative and supportive in ways that help you both individually to be the best you can be, and also work as a team in ways that bring out the best in the group.

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