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Leadership Connect – Emily Boyce, Director, Marketing and Communications

Emily Boyce

As part of our ongoing Leadership Connect Series with Teranet’s thought leaders, our latest feature is with Emily Boyce, Director, Marketing and Communications at Teranet. 

1. Tell us about your career path and how you first got started in Marketing? How has your past experience led you to Teranet?

I started out working for a Marketing agency focused on event management and logistics working for a major pharmaceutical company. I loved the work, but most of what we provided was about getting people to the event and focused on what happened outside of the meeting room. I knew early on I wanted to work on the work happening inside the meeting room, so my interests quickly shifted to Corporate Communications and Marketing. I later joined another Marketing agency, Bond Brand Loyalty, where I really learned the most about Marketing and Communications while working for big clients like Merck, Unitron and Cadbury. I loved working with my clients and managing various projects from full ad campaigns to National Sales Meetings, to loyalty programs. It is here that I gained the most experience from a client and project management perspective. I then spent some time at FCT where I really found my niche in Product Marketing for the Financial Services and Real Estate sectors. Having grown up with my family in Real Estate and banking, it was a natural progression and where I really honed my Product Marketing skills and industry expertise. Almost 4 years ago I joined Teranet as the Financial Services Marketing Manager and within 2 years moved into the Director of Marketing and Communications role for the organization. We have spent the last 18 months really building out the strategic Marketing function – hiring the right talent, building, and implementing our Marketing technology stack and redefining and strengthening our brand in the market. It has been a lot of rewarding and challenging work – all with the benefit of working with an amazing group of dedicated, collaborative, experts who make work fun and exciting.

2. Recently Teranet launched a new campaign called ‘We Connect’. Tell us what that means for customers?

Our brand story is really about re-introducing our corporate brand and our identity to the market in a meaningful way. We have a very compelling story to tell about who we are – our history, what we want to be known for, our purpose as an organization and where we would like to innovate for the future. We are known for our strength in registry modernization and our data and property intelligence platforms; however, there is so much more about our organization that we want to share. The ‘We Connect’ campaign is about articulating how Teranet provides leading solutions that help businesses and industries thrive. Connection for us is about understanding our customer’s needs, challenges and opportunities and then helping them to achieve their goals through technology expertise and data. The team is extremely excited about launching the campaign to help tell that story and shine a light on our purpose.

3. Marketing is always changing. How do you stay connected to what is happening in the industry?

Learning is infinite and such an important trait of an excellent Marketing and Communications professional. I am always learning and encouraging my team to learn – not just about Marketing and Communications, but about our customers, the industries we serve, our competitors, etc. We talk to customers regularly through our Teranet Insighters community. We belong to industry associations and attend as many events as possible to engage with our customers and build relationships. We also are very involved in several Marketing associations like B2B Marketing Profs and The Canadian Marketing Association where we attend conferences and take additional courses to keep up with the latest trends and acumen. Most importantly, we learn from each other. We have a remarkably diverse group of Marketing professionals with various backgrounds, so I encourage an environment where we share ideas, learn from one another, and celebrate a collaborative culture.

I also volunteer my time with Lean In Canada as a Marketing co-lead for our Toronto Network. Lean In is such a fantastic organization that helps women achieve their ambitions in life and works to create a more equal world. I have met so many amazing, intelligent women with rich, diverse backgrounds that teach and inspire me every day. I am very committed to supporting their mission and being a good role model for other women.

4. What is on the horizon for the Marketing Team in 2022 and beyond? 

The Marketing and Communications team spent 2021 really focused on building the foundation for our growth with investment in people, our operational systems and our technology stack. This year we are super excited to launch a few major initiatives that will enable us to tell our story to customers. We have launched our new website, our brand story campaign and our new data and analytics hub, TeraIntelligence™ is coming soon– a fresh and digital approach to our data and analytics capabilities. We are also incredibly focused on connecting with our customers on a different level – whether that be through our insight programs or at live events, our goal is to ensure we nurture those relationships like never before. The team and I believe in our brand and we are excited to evolve how we tell our story to the market and continue to add value to our customers.

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